Dental Sealants are Always a Good Preventative Measure

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Wanting to learn more about dental sealants because you think your child would benefit from getting them on their teeth? That is a great idea. It really is important for your child’s first set of teeth to be healthy even though they will eventually be replaced by their permanent teeth. This first set of teeth is important when it comes to guiding their permanent teeth so they grow in properly. But, they are also important when it comes to your child’s ability to chew their food and talk properly. This is why it is recommended for children to get any necessary sealants by the age of five or six.

According to the American Dental Association, when a baby tooth is lost too early, the permanent teeth can drift into the empty space and make it difficult for other adult teeth to find an appropriate amount of room when they come in.

Why dental sealants?

Dentists have been using dental sealants for children for many years now in order to protect their teeth from decay and cavities. Many children find it difficult to properly brush all of their teeth, especially teeth located in the back of their mouth as they are harder to reach. When teeth are not properly brushed it is only a matter of time before plaque and decay start to build upon the teeth, which is what causes cavities.

What exactly are dental sealants?

There are few different types of dental sealants available, making it a good idea for those who are considering sealants for their children to ask a dentist what type of sealant they use. Examples of sealant materials include glass ionomer, resin-modified glass ionomer, polyacid modified resins and composite resins. Applying dental sealants to a child’s tooth requires a dental professional to carefully apply the sealant, which is in liquid form, to each individual tooth.

Dental sealants for children's teeth

When sealants are applied to a child’s teeth, they are less susceptible to getting cavities because their teeth are now protected from the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Even if a child does brush their teeth well there may still be areas in their teeth that can hide bacteria. These areas will eventually lead to them developing a cavity.

Ready to take preventative measures?

Now that you understand what dental sealants are and how important they can be when it comes to your child’s overall dental health, have you decided to get sealants for your child? Your child’s first set of teeth need to be optimally healthy as they help to guide their permanent teeth in. Having these permanent teeth grow in properly is really important to their overall dental health as an adult. If you have any questions, know that our dental team can provide you with the answers you need. And if you need an appointment, we hope to hear from you soon!

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