Seeing an Emergency Dentist for a Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked out tooth can present a whole host of problems for a person including pain, difficulty eating and an extremely altered appearance. While most people don’t think that a knocked out tooth is all that common, it actually can happen quite easily.

When a person’s tooth becomes dislodged, they’re often unsure of what to do as the situation is likely frightening and a cause for panic. However, there is hope! As dentistry has progressed, emergency dentists are now readily available for injuries as such.

In this article, we will discuss visiting an emergency dentist for a knocked out tooth. Being aware of what to do and what will happen can help prepare someone for these unexpected events. 

Knocked out teeth

If and when a person knocks their tooth, it is important to immediately get to an emergency dentist. Almost every city has one readily available who will be prepared to handle events like this.

Typically, a knocked out tooth occurs when a physical impact to the face is incurred. Some people knock their teeth out when playing a rough sport or when engaging in rough play. Often times, wearing a mouth guard would help avoid this from happening. However, there are times in which an elbow flies or a person falls and their tooth becomes dislodged too.

What an emergency dentist will do


When a person gets to the emergency dentist, the dentist will likely do a thorough examination to see what status the person’s mouth is in. There may be inflammation, swelling and/or bleeding that occurs. Having the dentist examine the area where the tooth is missing will help them to determine what needs to be done.

If the tooth was also salvaged then the dentist will likely examine it to see if the roots are still intact or if there are any missing pieces. A closer look will be taken at the gums, the empty space and the surrounding teeth to see if they are in a healthy state or if they too seem to be damaged.


When a tooth is dislodged, the area is likely to be bloody or inflamed. The emergency dentist will try to clean the area up so that the wound stays healthy and is visible for treatment to be done. While it may cause pain, the area can also be numbed so that the cleaning doesn’t cause discomfort.

Cleaning will also ensure that bacteria doesn’t get into the wound which could cause an infection to form.


An emergency dentist will do their best to treat the dislodged tooth and area by determining whether or not the tooth itself is salvageable enough for reattachment. If reattachment is possible they may use a cementing process to attach it back to the roots.

If reattachment is possible then the emergency dentist may have to explain other treatment options such as a dental implant, dental bridge or partial denture. These treatments will likely be done by the person’s dental specialist as these all require an involved process.

A knocked out tooth can be painful and scary but a visit to an emergency dentist will surely help a person when they aren’t sure of what to do. If you have questions, then reach out to us today so that we can help you.

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