Should I See an Emergency Dentist for a Chipped Tooth?

An emergency dentist can provide the quick treatment you need when you chip a tooth. While a chipped tooth does not always count as a dental emergency, proper treatment is always needed. A chipped tooth ruins your smile and it leaves the tooth more vulnerable to decay and damage from trauma.

In fact, not treating a chipped tooth can eventually cause you to lose the entire tooth. Since the enamel has already come off the tooth, acids in the mouth can easily eat away at the inner layers of the tooth. Keep reading to see when you need to see an emergency dentist for a chipped tooth.

What type of chipped tooth needs an emergency dentist?

A minor chip where only the enamel comes off does not need emergency care. That said, you still need to see a dentist as soon as possible. You can wait a few days if your regular dentist does not have any openings. The exception to this is if you experience intense pain as a result of the chip. When that is the case, immediate treatment is recommended.

When the chip reaches the inner layer of a tooth, it is best to see an emergency dentist. Such an injury would likely be accompanied by plenty of bleeding and pain. It might also leave the tooth's pulp chamber compromised. The pulp chamber is where the soft tissue and nerve of a tooth are housed. The pulp chamber protects these sensitive tissues. Once it has been broken open, its contents become exposed to the acids, food particles and bacteria in your mouth. Failing to get immediate treatment can lead to the tooth becoming infected.

While it is easy to treat a tooth infection in its early stages, it can be life-threatening if the infection makes its way to other vital areas of the body via the bloodstream. Instead of getting sick or needing to remove your tooth, see an emergency dentist.

How an emergency dentist fixes a chipped tooth

Dentists have a few ways to fix a chipped tooth. Which method they use depends on the severity and location of the chip. These treatments include:

1. Dental bonding/fillings

Fillings and composite resins can be used to fix a chipped tooth. An onlay or inlay can restore a tooth that has been chipped. The dentist can also apply a composite resin. These procedures are typically used for minor to moderate chips.

2. Recontouring

The dentist might be able to use a tool to smooth out a minor chip and make it hard to detect. This works for only small chips where the damage does not go further than the enamel.

3. Dental crown

When a tooth badly damaged, a crown might be the best way to protect it. It will also restore the appearance of the tooth, giving you an even smile. Crowns are often made from porcelain and ceramics, and they look like real teeth. Depending on how severe the injury is, the dentist might have to perform a root canal before covering the tooth with a crown.

Fix your chipped tooth today

If you have a large chip in your tooth that is causing intense pain, see an emergency dentist at our Stamford office. We have availability for urgent situations like yours.

Request an appointment here: or call Pearl Dental at (203) 717-0151 for an appointment in our Stamford office.

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