The Important Role Dental Crowns Play in Dentistry

Dental crowns have been apart of the dental industry for years now and rightly so. They play a huge role in the dental industry by providing great benefits to people who have damaged teeth. Knowing what dental crowns do and how they can help someone restore their teeth can be beneficial to those considering their options.

The use of dental crowns can not only provide restorative care to the teeth but they can also make one’s appearance look much better. Today, we will discuss how dental crowns play such an important role in the dental industry.

The important role that dental crowns play in dentistry


Dental crowns allow for a person to restore teeth that have been damaged. Often damage comes from decay, erosion or infections that have eaten away at the teeth. Restorative measures can include the use of dental crowns because they completely cover the damaged tooth, thus allowing the tooth to be restored.

While a dental crown doesn’t bring someone’s tooth back to normal, it does allow for the process of restoration to help a tooth function like normal again. Often, damage can cause difficulty with chewing when eating or even just when smiling. People opt for dental crowns because they cover the entire tooth so damage is not only treated but also prevented from further incurring.


Dental crowns are often a choice for people that have teeth that might not look so great to others. When a person experiences a crack or chip to their teeth, it may not necessarily be severe enough that a dental crown is needed but a person can still opt for one if the damage isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

If a person has severe staining or discoloration on any of their teeth then they may consider a dental crown. Dental crowns cover the entire tooth so any abnormal coloring will be covered, thus allowing for a more natural and pleasing look.

Because dental crowns are custom made for each patient, there are different choices that one can choose from as far as the color of their dental crown. Typically patients that want a dental crown for cosmetic purposes end up opting for a porcelain crown, which is white and more natural looking.

In conclusion

Dental crowns are a commonly done and simple procedure that people can choose to have placed over teeth that are damaged from decay or staining. While dental crowns can be used for restorative purposes, they can also be chosen for cosmetic reasons as well. Talking with a dental professional can help a person better understand the need for dental crowns. As the dental industry continues to progress, it is important to be aware of the important role that dental crowns have played and will continue to play within the industry.

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