What to Do If Your Dental Crown Falls Off

Although having a dental crown come loose is somewhat startling, it is typically nothing to worry about. Take quick action by following these steps, and your crown will be back in place in no time. Whether your dental crown has been missing for a while or only recently, do not let this issue go untreated. The crown is there to help keep your tooth safe and healthy. If you notice your crown is missing, contact your dentist so they can help you get back to your daily life. No one should have to go through life missing their crown.

Missing a dental crown?

This can be an uncomfortable and in some cases, an unsightly problem to have. The causes of a missing crown depend on the type of crown.

What to do if a temporary crown falls off

Having a temporary crown fall off is nothing to get worried about, as it is not meant to last for a long time. It is there to protect the tooth waiting for the permanent crown. If the crown falls off, simply contact the dentist’s office and make an appointment to have it replaced. In order to make sure the temporary crown does not fall off while waiting for the permanent dental crown, steer clear of chewy foods, as their sticky consistency is a great way to lose the crown. Avoid eating hard foods too, as these can dislodge and even break the temporary crown.

What to do if a permanent crown falls off

Even though this type of crown is supposed to be permanent, in some cases, it can fall off. This may be because the underlying tooth has started to decay and is loosening the cementing material used to hold the dental crown in place. Other reasons can be heavy tooth grinding during sleep or trauma.

If the crown falls off, do not panic. Find the crown if you can. Gently clean it using warm water and a toothbrush. You should also clean the tooth where the crown was. Be careful cleaning the tooth, as it may be very sensitive.

Once you have cleaned the crown and the tooth, call your dentist. You will want to try to get in to see them as soon as possible. The tooth missing the crown is at risk not only for possible decay but also chipping or breaking. If you cannot get into the office right away, ask your dentist about reattaching the crown yourself, temporarily, until your appointment.

Several dental adhesives are available at the drugstore that will make it possible to temporarily “fix” a crown with a dental adhesive, or temporary cement. Ask what your dentist recommends. When you are able to see your dentist, they will have to remove the crown again. They will probably give the tooth and crown both a good cleaning and make sure no bacteria has started deteriorating the tooth. They will then either permanently attach the crown, or if the original was lost or does not fit properly, they will re-cast the tooth and have a new crown made.


You do not have to let a missing crown stop you from getting on with your day-to-day hustle. Call us today so we can help you get your smile back to perfection.

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